Jan 29 -

German Girl, 25.  All those years trying to figure out where I belong, who I am, where I see myself in the future..struggling. Once I stopped trying to make it right for others and started focussing on what I felt passionate about and followed my instincts...I was able to see myself blossoming. And that in return attracted the right group of friends & happiness into my life. I learned that the people who really want to be part of your life, believe me, they will stay. You don't have to ever beg them. Give your best shot to show them that you want their friendship, but then let them go. The answer will always become clear. And what I've learned about Love is that if he's the One.. you will know. Your soul will whisper it to you when you sleep; your heart will sing it to you when you wake. When it's true love, you will know. :)